1. What is the power of a particular type of transducer?

The power of the transducer is mainly related to the volume of the ceramic plate of the transducer. The larger the volume, the greater the power.

2. How does the color of the transducer ceramic plate affect the performance? What are the most commonly used colors?

The market mainly uses three colors of chips, namely yellow, gray and black. Yellow and gray are generally used for pulsed work, and their instant burst rates are better; black is generally used for continuous work, and the stability of continuous work is better. In use, it is recommended that you choose a transducer with the same color as before, or according to your use, we recommend a suitable transducer to you.

3. What is the relationship between transducer frequency and size?

The frequency is inversely proportional to the length. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length.

4. What is the material of the transducer? What are the differences between different materials?

There are three commonly used metals for the transducer. Aluminum alloy, steel alloy, titanium alloy.

In normal use, the aluminum alloy transducer is fully capable. The sound transmission effect of aluminum alloy is good, but the material strength is not high. The strength of steel is high, but the acoustic impedance is relatively large (relatively, it is relatively easy to generate heat); titanium alloy has good comprehensive properties, but it is difficult to process and expensive.

5. Can special needs transducers be processed?

Can be customized processing. Please write down your requirements, including product use, size, power, effect, purpose of use, etc., and send them to us, we will carefully discuss your needs and then reply to you.

6. What harm is caused by long-term exposure of the human body to ultrasound? How to avoid harm?

No harm. First of all, ultrasound is a mechanical wave, not an electromagnetic wave, and does not have radiation pollution. As long as you do not touch it, it will not have any impact; the ultrasound that you usually come to the hospital is ultrasound, and fetuses can do ultrasound. The human body has no effect. So don't worry, just use it normally.