Analysis method of ultrasonic transducer

Update time:30-07-2020

The ultrasonic transducer contains the circuit system, […]

The ultrasonic transducer contains the circuit system, mechanical vibration system and
Acoustic system, and the three are organically combined when the transducer is working
To become a unified whole & this determines the research on it
The research method is a combination of electronics, mechanics, acoustics, etc.
Method, and through the analogy of electric 3 force 3 sound, so that the three can use a unified
The equivalent electromechanical diagrams and equivalent equations for easy in-depth research
In order to determine the working state of the transducer, it must be calculated
The state equation of mechanical vibration system and the state equation of circuit system&
The equation of state for the mechanical system of the transducer (referred to as the mechanical vibration equation)
Cheng) is the description of the mechanical vibration of the transducer when it is working
The relationship between the force of the system and the vibration speed, and the state equation of the circuit system
The formula (referred to as the circuit state equation) describes the vibration of the circuit system
Characteristic & Because the mechanical system and circuit system of the transducer are mutually
Coupled, so the vibration of the mechanical system will affect the balance of the circuit,
The changes in the circuit will also affect the vibration of the mechanical system, so I
We always use these equations to analyze and discuss the working characteristics of the transducer.
Sex &
According to the three basic relational expressions of the above transducer, it can be correspondingly
Make the equivalent diagrams of the three forms of the transducer & the first is the equivalent mechanical
Figure, the equivalent diagram of the transducer equivalent to a purely mechanical system; second
The kind is to convert the components and parameters on the mechanical side into electromechanical conversion
The components and parameters on one side of the circuit are equivalent to a transducer
A pure circuit system, call this equivalent circuit diagram; the third is called equivalent
Electromechanical diagram, including the equivalent diagram of the circuit side and the mechanical side at the same time.
These equivalent diagrams can be used to easily find some important