District leaders came to the company to investigate and guide the production of epidemic prevention equipment

Update time:02-03-2020

On the afternoon of February 29, 2020, Wu Yufeng, deput […]

On the afternoon of February 29, 2020, Wu Yufeng, deputy secretary of the district committee and district chief, and Ding Yonggang, standing committee member of the district committee, came to our company to investigate and guide the manufacturing of epidemic prevention equipment, that is, the production of mask welding machine ultrasonic welding equipment.



Accompanied by the company's general manager Chen Yuanping, the district leaders learned about the key components of mask welding: transducers, tool heads, and generators. Then the general manager introduced the company's current development scale and industry situation. As a leader in the domestic high-power ultrasound industry, the company's management and performance have been recognized and encouraged by the district leaders.


As an advanced and mature welding technology, the ultrasonic welding system can be applied to the welding of non-woven products such as diapers, masks, environmental protection bags, and packaging bags.
Ultrasonic non-woven product welding machine is an efficient sewing, embossing and melting cutting equipment, which has the functions of sewing, blanking, cutting, slitting, forming, cutting holes, embossing and stamping. Our company specializes in the production of core components of ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machines, transducers, tool heads and generators.



At the same time, the leaders hope that our company can continue to make efforts to develop the ultrasound industry and make greater contributions to China's manufacturing industry in line with the epidemic situation.



This investigation not only reflects the attention of the district government to the epidemic work and the production of our company, but also the government's recognition of our company's achievements in the ultrasound industry.