Do you know the working principle of ultrasonic welding machine

Update time:25-06-2021

Working principle of ultrasonic welding machine, circui […]

Working principle of ultrasonic welding machine, circuit principle analysis of ultrasonic welding machine 

With the continuous development of the new process of ultrasonic plastic welding, the need for different types of ultrasonic welding equipment is increasing. Ultrasonic welding machines with output power below kilowatts can no longer meet the requirements of users, especially for larger plastic parts. For welding with materials with poor weldability, it is necessary to provide a higher-power ultrasonic welding machine. For this reason, our factory has successfully developed the HB series ultrasonic welding machine on the basis of a series of products. The following will analyze the principle of ultrasonic welding machine, the working principle of ultrasonic welding machine, and focus on the circuit principle of ultrasonic welding machine.

Principle of ultrasonic welding machine, working principle of ultrasonic welding machine

   The main technical performance and use effect of this equipment are basically the same as similar foreign products, which provides a good foundation for the development of new plastic welding technology in my country. This equipment is a floor-standing all-transistorized high-power ultrasonic plastic welding machine. All are made of domestic components, among which the output matching of high-power transducer and ultrasonic generator adopts newer electronic technology.

2. Main technical performance indicators of ultrasonic welding machine

   Electrical performance: working frequency 20khz, maximum output power: 2000W, welding time: adjustable, working mode: semi-automatic. Mechanical performance: Pneumatic pressure: 2-6kg/cm, cylinder stroke: 75mm, power supply: 220v

Three, the working principle of ultrasonic welding machine

   This equipment consists of three parts: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, and mechanical transmission. Mechanical transmission system This system is a large-scale floor-standing device with an operating table that is driven by an air cylinder. It adopts a tooth method to adjust the up and down position of the welding head through a hand wheel, and does not have a horizontal adjustment mechanism. See picture. In the picture, the generator has a drawer, start switch, leveling workbench emergency brake switch indicator light, working pressure adjustment, working speed adjustment, moving up and down, handwheel moving up and down and locking" air source triple piece eight door fixing screw, transducer change The energy device is installed on the seat door.

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