Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Mosaic

Update time:23-04-2021

1. Phenomenon: After setting in, the setting comes out […]

1. Phenomenon:
After setting in, the setting comes out again
the reason:
After the pressure is removed, the plastic has not yet cured
Lengthen the pressure holding time

2. Phenomenon:
Unsatisfactory embedment depth
the reason:
1. Ultrasonic transmission time is too short
2. The falling speed is faster than the plastic melting speed
Increase welding time
Slow down

3. Phenomenon:
It takes a long time to bury to the normal position
the reason:
1. Insufficient ultrasonic power

2. Insert is too long

3. The cavity is too narrow

4. Falling too slow
Switch to a welding machine with higher power

Shorten the insert

Widened aperture

Speed ​​up the descent

Four. Phenomenon:
Plastic plugging nut hole
the reason:
The cavity is too shallow
Deepen the cavity

Five. Phenomenon:
After a short time of work, the ultrasonic welding head appears gravure
the reason:
1. The hardness of the welding head texture is not as hard as the insert

2. Ultrasonic amplitude is too high
Change to higher hardness welding head material
Reduce the amplitude

Six. Phenomenon:
Loud noise during mounting
Reason: usually metal-to-metal contact and friction, noise is inevitable
1. Use protective earmuffs

2. Before the welding head touches the insert, it emits ultrasonic waves

3. Reduce the amplitude

4. Increase pressure or decrease speed to shorten time

Seven. Phenomenon:
Plastic spill over the surface of the insert
the reason:
1. Insert too deep

2. Welding time is too long

3. Too many obstacles inlaid
Use blocking nut or adjust height

Adjust welding time

Widen the cavity to reduce obstacles

Eight: Phenomenon:
Increased welding head temperature
the reason:
1. Amplitude is too high

2. Metal and metal friction generates heat, this is a natural phenomenon
Reduce the amplitude

1. If possible, try to use the processing method where the welding head contacts the plastic to avoid direct contact between the welding head and the metal

2. Temporarily stop working to cool down the welding head naturally