Generation and testing of ultrasound are the two main research aspects of ultrasound technology

Update time:20-11-2020

Ultrasound technology has become an internationally rec […]

Ultrasound technology has become an internationally recognized high-tech field. With the development of science and technology, ultrasound technology will play an increasingly important role in the construction of China's national economy. Ultrasonic transducers are an important component of ultrasound technology. In part, its level of research and development directly determines the development and application of ultrasound technology. The research of ultrasound transducers is a comprehensive technology, and its development is closely related to current science and technology, electronic technology, automatic control technology, computer technology and new materials Technology is some important high and new technology that affects the development level of ultrasonic transducers. Regarding the generation of ultrasound, the research and development of ultrasonic transducer materials is the key. The current development direction mainly includes the development of high-efficiency, cheap and pollution-free new transducer materials , The research of new energy conversion mechanism and the improvement and progress of the analysis method of the transducer. In the research and development of the material of the transducer, the relaxation type piezoelectric single crystal materials, such as lead magnesium niobate 3 lead titanate and niobate zinc acid Lead 3, lead titanate, etc. have good development prospects and are expected to be more widely used in ultrasonic and underwater acoustic technologies. In addition, the testing technology of transducers is closely related to the development of ultrasonic transducers. The testing technology is mainly reflected in how to achieve real-time and quantitative testing of high-power ultrasonic transducer performance, such as quantitative testing of ultrasonic power and ultrasonic cavitation field.

In short, the generation and testing of ultrasound are the two main research aspects of ultrasound technology, and their development is mutually related and mutually reinforcing. From the current development, the development of ultrasound testing technology lags behind the research of ultrasound generation technology, which can be foreseen , With the improvement of ultrasonic transducer technology and ultrasonic testing technology, the development of ultrasonic technology is bound to appear a new era