Graphene ultrasonic extraction production line equipment

Update time:08-01-2020

More and more manufacturers of graphene preparation equ […]

More and more manufacturers of graphene preparation equipment and graphene applications (battery pastes, coatings, etc.) have applied ultrasonic graphene dispersers, including ultrasonic cleaner methods and concentrating ultrasonic methods.



Graphene ultrasonic processing system is composed of ultrasonic vibration components + ultrasonic special reaction device + ultrasonic drive power + power control cabinet.

The most significant feature of graphene ultrasonic equipment is that the output amplitude of the ultrasonic host is always the same regardless of the load conditions.

Ultrasound is essentially a kind of vibration. When it is transmitted in liquid, the size of cavitation is related to the amplitude of the ultrasonic host. Under the same working conditions, by controlling the amplitude, the cavitation effect is also controlled, and then it plays a role in controlling the dispersion effect of graphene.

As a chemical raw material, during the preparation and application of graphene, the viscosity, temperature, pressure, and flow rate of liquids are dynamically changed. Therefore, for ultrasonic equipment, the load is constantly changing. Take the cell breaker as an example, it is a constant power device, that is, its output power is constant regardless of the load change. When the load is large, the amplitude is small, and the small amplitude of the load is large. Due to the uncertainty of the amplitude, the cavitation effect produced by the cell crusher is uncertain, which leads to uncertainty in experiment or production. The same is true of ultrasonic cleaners.