Power ultrasonic transducer

Update time:05-08-2020

In the field of power ultrasound, sound energy is gener […]

In the field of power ultrasound, sound energy is generated mainly through three methods:
Method, namely hydrodynamic method, piezoelectric effect method and magnetostrictive effect
Method [8-2]
& Hydrodynamic ultrasonic generator includes airflow sound source and liquid
There are two kinds of body dynamic sound source & airflow sound source is a mechanical sound frequency or
Ultrasonic vibration sound generator, which relies on the kinetic energy of airflow as vibration energy
The source of quantity can be divided into two types: low pressure and high pressure sound source & low pressure sound source also
Known as whistle, such as ordinary whistle and whirlpool whistle, etc. & high-pressure sound sources include ha
Terman whistle and its various variants, etc., the low-pressure airflow sound source is more efficient
High, up to "%3, but the sound power is not high, usually not more than a few
Watt, the efficiency of high-voltage sound sources is low, but greater sound power can be obtained.
The sound source of the fluid (liquid) power generator is
An acoustic wave transducer that converts the eddy current energy into acoustic wave radiation. It
The working principle is to use the jet from the nozzle and a certain geometric shape
The interaction of obstructions (cavities), or the use of periodic
The method of forced jet interruption causes the liquid medium to be disturbed, thereby producing
Generate some form of velocity field and pressure field, the fluid dynamic sound generator can
Working in a fairly wide frequency band, can be in the %, "to "4 kHz frequency band
Radiation 5, 4—$,467 18$ sound intensity, fluid (liquid) power generation
The advantage of the generator sound source is that the sound energy can be obtained cheaply, and the structure is simple.
On the one hand, the liquid flow is the power source and the vibrating body that generate vibration, and the other
On the other hand, it is the carrier of the sound wave, so it is easy to match the sound, and the fluid dynamic
The main applications of force ultrasonic generators include ultrasonic removal in gas
Dust, condensation of dust in the air, flame retardancy of gas and heavy oil, accelerated heat
Exchange, ultrasonic drying, ultrasonic liquid treatment, ultrasonic chemistry, ultrasonic defoaming
Foam and oil-water emulsification in liquids, accelerating the crystallization process, etc., use
The fluid dynamic method produces ultrasonic devices mainly including those used in gas
Golden whistle, Hartman whistle and whistle, reed whistle used in liquid
, And whirlpool whistles that can be used in both gas and liquid