Several Problems That Need Attention When Using Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Update time:18-12-2020

Nowadays, with the widespread use of ultrasonic welding […]

Nowadays, with the widespread use of ultrasonic welding machines in industrial production, its importance has gradually emerged. It can be said that ultrasonic welding machines are inseparable from industrial production. Ultrasonic welding machines are so widely used and in use. Various problems appeared in the process. Today, our company will share with you what should be paid attention to when using the ultrasonic welding machine.

1. There are requirements for connection area and distance
The welding contact area between the two weldments must meet the welding requirements, not too large or too small. If the contact is too small, the welding will not be strong, and it is easy to break. If the contact is too large, the welding energy will be dispersed, the welding strength will not be enough, or even be unable to weld together. In addition, the ultrasonic wave propagates longitudinally, and the longer the distance, the more energy loss will be caused, so the welding distance must be controlled.

2. Keep the output power of the ultrasonic machine constant
It is necessary to ensure that the output power of the ultrasonic welding machine is constant when it is working.

3. The thermal resistance of the weldment is higher than its melting point
Ultrasonic waves propagate in a solid through a weldment, and propagate in the air when passing between two weldments. The acoustic resistance of an ultrasonic wave in the air is greater than that in a solid. The greater the acoustic resistance, the higher the heat generated. Therefore, the temperature of the part where the two weldments are in contact is higher and reaches the melting point first, while the acoustic resistance is small when the weldment is propagated inside, and the temperature is relatively low, and it will not reach the melting point.

4. The two plastic weldments must be weldable
Some weldments of different materials cannot be welded. The same material can be welded theoretically. However, there is a problem that when the melting point of the weldment is higher than 350 degrees Celsius, ultrasonic welding is not suitable. This is because ultrasonic welding uses instantaneous energy to melt molecules. This instant should not exceed 3 seconds. If the welding fails within 3 seconds, it means it is not suitable. So pay attention when choosing weldments.

5. The importance of ultrasonic molds
The production of welding heads can only be done through a set of strict procedures. This is not something that ordinary small workshops can complete, so do not go to small manufacturers to buy ultrasonic molds, which will prevent you from welding well.

In the process of using the ultrasonic welding machine, the above points should be paid special attention, which can help you to use the ultrasonic welding machine better.