Sound power is a very important physical quantity

Update time:14-11-2020

In ultrasonic technology, sound power is a very importa […]

In ultrasonic technology, sound power is a very important physical quantity, and there are many research reports on its test methods. The direct measurement methods of sound power mainly include the radiation pressure method for low power and the calorimetry method for high power ultrasound. , The radiation pressure method is mainly used for the test of medical ultrasonic power. The test range ranges from milliwatts to several watts or even tens of watts. The test accuracy is relatively high, which can basically be controlled at about 4%. It is currently used for high-power ultrasound The power test method is mainly calorimetry. With the continuous improvement of the research technology of sensitive thermal devices, it can be expected that the calorimetry test of ultrasonic power will receive more attention and attention.

Regarding the high-power performance test of ultrasonic transducers, due to the nonlinearity of the transducer and the complexity of the vibration system, such as waveform distortion and load changes, there is no universal test method at home and abroad, and there is no unified international test method. National standards, therefore, there is no unified standard for the evaluation of some practical power ultrasonic technologies, and it is impossible to measure the performance of high-power ultrasonic equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning machines and welding machines.

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