What are the applications of ultrasonic emulsification equipment?

Update time:26-02-2020

The process of mixing two (or more than two) immiscible […]

The process of mixing two (or more than two) immiscible liquids uniformly to form a dispersion system under the action of ultrasonic waves, in which one liquid is evenly distributed in the other liquid to form an emulsion. Ultrasonic emulsification is also widely used in various fields and plays a relatively important role.


Ultrasonic emulsification equipment is used in the pharmaceutical industry and daily necessities industry to manufacture various emulsion products, such as emulsion drugs, cosmetics and leather shoes polish. The emulsified combustion products of oil (gasoline, diesel, etc.) and water or pulverized coal can also be made by phacoemulsification to increase the combustion value of unit fuel.



Using an ultrasonic emulsification device, through a corneal or scleral incision of 3-5 mm in size, the lens nucleus is crushed to make it chyle-shaped and then sucked out together with the cortex. After the operation, the posterior capsule of the lens is retained, and the posterior chamber intraocular lens can be implanted at the same time.


Compared with traditional cataract surgery, phacoemulsification has better surgical effect. It has become the internationally recognized and reliable method for cataract treatment.