What are the applications of ultrasound in the extraction of active ingredients in Chinese medicine?

Update time:08-01-2020

The chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicin […]

The chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is very complicated. Extracting its effective components is an important content in the field of traditional Chinese medicine research. The active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine generally refer to chemical substances with a clear chemical structural formula and physical constants. If the concentration of the active ingredients is not high, the dosage will be increased. At the same time, the presence of ineffective or low-efficiency parts will make the traditional Chinese medicine easy to absorb moisture. Deterioration is difficult to preserve, so it is necessary to extract and isolate the active ingredients of Chinese medicine. Many effective chemical components in traditional Chinese medicine are intracellular components. Cells or cell membranes need to be broken during extraction. However, the existing chemical and mechanical methods often make it difficult to achieve ideal breaking effects, which affects the extraction results.

Ultrasonic extraction has shown obvious advantages in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine chemical components because of its unique extraction mechanism and ideal extraction effect. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction technology uses the strong vibration, high acceleration, strong cavitation effect, and strong stirring of ultrasonic waves to shorten the time for the effective ingredients of natural products to enter the solvent, speed up the extraction process, improve the extraction rate, and effectively avoid high temperature damage to the effective ingredients .



In recent years, with the modernization of natural product research and the rapid development of ultrasonic technology, many researchers have said that the ultrasonic extraction technology is introduced into the important part of natural product production-the extraction process of effective ingredients.

Basic principles of ultrasonic extraction

In the product component extraction process, the process of breaking cell walls and efficiently and quickly extracting cell contents is realized. Since it was first produced in 1830, it has been widely used in many fields such as food, medical care, and home appliances. It is manifested in ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic drying, ultrasonic sterilization, ultrasonic filtration, and ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasonic extraction method is a method that uses the cavitation, mechanical, and thermal effects of ultrasound to increase the frequency and speed of the movement of material molecules, increase the penetration of the solvent, and thereby increase the leaching rate of the target component.

It has the advantages of time saving, energy saving, high extraction efficiency, etc. It is a fast and efficient new extraction method, and there is no heating process in the extraction, which can avoid the structural changes of the drug components caused by heating factors, and can be used for the extraction of heat-sensitive components. The ultrasonic extraction method has been widely used in the sample processing of quality inspection of traditional Chinese medicine.

In recent years, its application in the extraction process of traditional Chinese medicine preparations has also received more and more attention, and important progress has been made. The ultrasonic wave used in the extraction of plant samples is generally generated by magnetic materials through converters, and the effective frequency is generally in the range of 20-50 kHz. It is widely believed that its cavitation, thermal effects and mechanical effects are the ultrasonic technology in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine. Three theoretical theories.