What are the factors that affect the size of ultrasonic welding?

Update time:21-05-2021

What is the maximum area of ​​products that can be weld […]

What is the maximum area of ​​products that can be welded by the ultrasonic welding machine? What are the factors that affect the size of ultrasonic welding?

In fact, this kind of question is asked by a very layman. I am a professional who does not know how to answer this question. Why do you say that, because:

1. According to the frequency of ultrasonic welding equipment, the welding range is different. The higher the frequency of the equipment, the smaller the amplitude, the lower the power, and the smaller the welding size range;

2. According to the plastic material, the plastic that is easy to weld can be welded with a larger size area, and the material that is difficult to weld can only be welded with a smaller size area;

3. According to the welding and sealing requirements, if a product has extremely high requirements, such as a leak-proof test, in the case of a machine of the same power, only a smaller size can be welded; if the requirements are not strict,   just stick a little Yes, you can weld larger areas, such as some low-end toys;

4. The structure of the product, if it is a flat plastic structure, relatively large size can be welded; if the product is irregular, there are many height differences, or there is a relatively high position that needs to be avoided, the ultrasonic mold needs to avoid the air, from According to the principle of sound wave transmission, these structures are all factors that destroy the ultrasonic transmission effect. The stress generated in the ultrasonic transmission will increase, the resistance will increase, and the amplitude reaching the product surface will become very uneven, and the amplitude will be strong in some places. , In some places, the amplitude is weak, and it is difficult to improve the place with weak amplitude;

5. The length and width of the product will also seriously affect the welding condition. In layman's terms, "Ultrasonic transmission is afraid of width but not long." Ultrasonic waves can weld longer products, but not wider products. How do you understand this sentence? For example, if the length and width of a product are 400x80, no problem. Ultrasonic molds can be made easily, and there is no problem with the ultrasonic vibration effect. For another example, the length and width of a product are 160x200. Then This mold is very difficult to make. Although it is the same area as the former, it is mainly because the size of 160 is too embarrassing and will produce very serious lateral vibration. Even if some methods are used, such as sawing in the direction of 160 size, it is divided into two, and the final The effect is also difficult to guarantee, even failure and scrap; there are also sizes close to the positive direction, for example, the size of 100x100 or more, although the mold is made, the output amplitude of the mold is small, and the welding plastic is weak; the transverse vibration of the mold will seriously restrict the ultrasonic wave The service life of the mold.

6. Far-field ultrasound or near-field ultrasound, the distance between the product surface and the welding line, within 6cm is short-range ultrasound, which is good for ultrasonic transmission; if it is too far, it will affect the ultrasonic energy transmission;

   Therefore, please don't talk about how much area of ​​the product can be welded by ultrasonic. This is a trick used by some unprofessional people to fool customers. Dear customers, the weldable area of ​​ultrasonic is related to many factors. The specific size and area that can be welded depends on the specific product. Our company has very rich experience in the welding of large-volume products. If you have Please contact me if you need it.

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