What are the operating procedures for geogrid welding?

Update time:25-02-2020

In the process of using the geogrid, it needs to go thr […]

In the process of using the geogrid, it needs to go through cutting, welding, processing and other processes. Especially the welding is more important. Workers need to pay special attention to the operation. The following editors need to talk to you specifically about geogrid welding.



First, the welds must be neat and beautiful, and there must be no slip welding or skipping.


Secondly, the welding process of the hot head welding machine is divided into: adjusting pressure-setting temperature-setting speed-welding seam overlap inspection-film loading machine-start motor-pressure welding.


There should also be no oil and dust at the joints. The overlapped surface of the HDPE geomembrane should not be trapped with debris such as sand. When there are debris, it must be cleaned before welding.


Finally, the adjacent geomembrane welds should be overlapped as far as possible. The nodes formed between the membrane blocks should be T-shaped, minimize crosses, and the longitudinal mold should be strengthened by extrusion welding at the intersection of the welds.