What is the relationship between the power and frequency of the ultrasonic cleaner?

Update time:09-01-2021

Now ultrasonic cleaners have been applied in many indus […]

Now ultrasonic cleaners have been applied in many industries and have gained a good reputation, but do you know the two concepts and functions of ultrasonic cleaners' frequency and power? Let us briefly explain to you below.

In ultrasonic precision cleaning, when the cleaning effect cannot be achieved after a certain frequency of ultrasonic cleaning, if the impurity particles to be removed on the workpiece are large, the ultrasonic power may be insufficient. Generally, increasing the ultrasonic power can solve the problem;

However, on the contrary, if the impurity particles to be removed on the workpiece are very small, no matter how the power is increased, the cleaning requirements will not be met. The reason is that when the liquid flows over the surface of the workpiece, a viscous film is formed.

At low frequencies, the viscous film is generally thick, and small particles are buried in it. No matter how high the ultrasonic power (intensity) is, the cavitation bubbles cannot contact the small particles, so the small particles cannot be completely removed;

When the ultrasonic frequency increases, the thickness of the adhesive film will decrease, and the cavitation bubbles generated by the ultrasonic can contact the small particles and peel them off the surface of the workpiece.

Therefore, the effect of low-frequency ultrasonic in removing large particles of impurities is good, but the effect of removing small particles of impurities is very poor. In contrast, high-frequency ultrasound is particularly effective for removing small particles of impurities.

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