High power cleaning

High power cleaning

Different from the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate cleaning, sonochemistry uses a focused cleaning principle. The concentrated sound intensity can greatly improve the cleaning effect of solid particles, and it can complete high-power cleaning tasks that cannot be completed by the existing ultrasonic vibration plate cleaning equipment.



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Product Details

Ultrasonic high-power cleaning: Unlike the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate cleaning, sonochemistry uses a focused cleaning principle. The cleaning sound concentration is concentrated, which can greatly improve the cleaning effect of solid particles. Power cleaning work.


Experimental equipment:

Product patent number:ZL201520593797.0

Performance characteristics

1. Typical applications include homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, and solution
Polymerization and wet milling (reduced particle size), cell destruction
Crushing and disintegration, extraction, degassing, and sonochemical processes

2. Newly designed display makes it easy
Observe the actual operating frequency and perform work
Rate / amplitude adjustment

3. Automatic frequency tracking to ensure that you are always there
Best working condition

4. Automatic matching tracking to ensure the frequency (power) is in the best working state

Technical Parameters

Equipment Type YPS17B-HB YPS15B-HB YPS11B-HB
Power 1000W 500W 500W
Frequency 20KHZ 28KHz 40KHz
Amplitude / power adjustable range 50%-100%
Throughput 0.5-5L 0.2-2L 0.2-2L
Launch head effective immersion depth 80mm 150mm 80mm
Standard launch head diameter Φ 16mm Φ 14mm Φ8mm
The standard configuration Ultrasonic host + NC drive power + experimental stand
Optional Soundproof box + alarm output + remote control + corrosion-resistant TIP



Pilot cycle test machine:

Product patent number:ZL201510170107.5

Performance characteristics

This series brings together all the projects of ultrasonic liquid processing research and development and testing. Including the effective combination of ultrasonic drive power, stainless steel reaction gold and flow control system, it can efficiently process various samples of more than 5 liters. Equipped with peristaltic pump, temperature detection and pressure detection, you can better control the flow direction and flow rate, simulate field conditions, monitoring system operation and data collection, and optionally equipped with solid-liquid mixing feeder for dry powder materials. The results obtained by this system can be easily copied to industrial production lines.

Technical Parameters

Equipment model YPM11B-MB YPM12B-MB
Frequency 20KHZ
Amplitude / power adjustable range 20%-100%
Equipment processing volume 5-10L
Set the juice temperature <100°C
Cycle speed 0-1t/h
Physical dimension 1x1.5x0.5m³
Reaction kettle material SS304 SS316
The standard configuration YPS61B-MB + Circulation reaction kettle + Peristaltic pump
Optional Temperature detection + pressure detection + solid-liquid mixing feeder



Pilot cycle test machine:

Product patent number:ZL201510170107.5

Performance characteristics

The combined production line is suitable for continuous ultrasonic treatment of liquid substances in a flowing state, and can control the flow rate (flow rate) and the degree of treatment
System, easy installation, simple cleaning and disinfection. In addition, special sound insulation systems and explosion-proof systems can be made. After many years of practical experience, the company
For the same type of application direction, a solution based on the end-of-demand effect of industrial production as an acceptance indicator has been proposed, and has been successfully applied to 100 tons,
500 tons of graphene production system.

Selection guide

Equipment Type YP-GS10
Graphene annual output (8h / day) 10Ton
Single set of rated power 3000W/set
Total rated power 18000W =
3000Wx6 sets
working frequency 20KHZ±1KHZ
Input voltage 220V/380V 50Hz
Total installation area 5m²
Features Using network-based Mod-bus bus technology, all operating parameters can be remotely controlled by the machine room



Revolutionary technological breakthroughs:

Test equipment

The materials are processed by ultrasound (repeatedly) to obtain the experimental results, and the comparison analysis is performed, so that the equipment can be selected according to the recent processing effects.


Pilot equipment

A single industrial application ultrasonic processing cycle system, which simulates the pipeline ultrasonic processing process, and obtains the key parameters such as amplitude, power, flow rate and temperature required in industrial applications.


Production line equipment

Multiple sets of series-parallel structure can realize continuous ultrasonic processing of pipelines. According to the application control and effect, N emitters can be optionally interposed to achieve composite ultrasonic processing.


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