High-Power Ultrasonic Transducers Developmen Manufacturers

Hangzhou Successful Ultrasound Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1995. is a one of the famous China High-Power Ultrasonic Transducers Developmen Manufacturers and High-Power Ultrasonic Transducers Developmen suppliers, The company's main products include transducers, ultrasonic drive power, High-Power Ultrasonic Transducers Developmen, etc. These products are widely used in the fields of sonochemistry, plastic welding, metal welding, rubber cutting, non-woven fabric welding, etc. as the core and key components of the power ultrasound application industry. The company carried out industry naming and industry standard determination on Chinese transducer products. our High-Power Ultrasonic Transducers Developmen are sold all over the country and sold in many overseas countries and regions. The quality and performance are well-known in the industry. Among them, the domestic market share of ultrasonic welding transducers has reached more than 50%. The registered trademarks "Chen Gong", "FYCG" and "Aidapu" have dozens of national patents, and the ultrasonic series products have passed the European Union CE certification.