• Biodiesel production

    Biodiesel production

    Biodiesel production: Using the process of catalyzing crude oil, without changing the process conditions of the biodiesel production process of crude oil, adding ultrasound can increase the output by 20-30%, reduce the amount of catalyst, and use ultrasonic treatment to improve biodiesel Production ... view more

    Jan 10,2020 Applications
  • Graphene preparation

    Graphene preparation

    Graphene equipment: used for graphene dispersion, dispersing expanded graphite into graphene. Using ultrasound can greatly improve the stripping efficiency of graphene, which is an important link in the preparation and application of graphene.     Before Ultrasound: Graphite Abrasive  ... view more

    Jan 10,2020 Applications
  • Oil platform assembly

    Oil platform assembly

    Oil platform assembly: The cooling seawater on the crude oil platform is processed to kill marine life, reduce the adhesion and growth of marine life in the pipeline, and avoid pipeline blockage. The assembly equipment uses sonochemical equipment as the core, has explosion-proof and classification s... view more

    Jan 10,2020 Applications
  • Silicon Carbide Deagglomeration

    Silicon Carbide Deagglomeration

    Silicon carbide de-agglomeration: In the field of solid-liquid dispersion, the dispersed materials are often reunited due to static electricity or Van der Waals forces. Ultrasound can disperse the agglomerated solid particles, thereby increasing the contact area between solids and liquids. Further i... view more

    Jan 10,2020 Applications
  • Paint dispersion

    Paint dispersion

    Coating dispersion: Through the action of ultrasound, the solid large particles in the coating are dispersed into small particles, thereby achieving the effect of coating homogeneity. Make the coating more delicate, replace the original mechanical or chemical dispersion method, environmental protect... view more

    Jan 10,2020 Applications