Failure analysis and troubleshooting of ultrasonic welding machine Part 2

Update time:16-04-2021

1. Analysis and elimination of failures in various proc […]

1. Analysis and elimination of failures in various processing techniques

1.1 Common problems in ultrasonic welding operations

Phenomenon: Flashing on the joint surface
Reasons: 1. Welding line is too large
2. Workpiece deformation

3. Welding time is too long

4. Uneven joint size

5. The workpiece fits too tightly

1. Reduce the size of the welding line

2. Reduce the pressure

3. Adjust the limit

4. Reduce the amount of influence of deformation

5. Reduce welding time

6. Redesign the joint surface of the workpiece

Phenomenon: Welding dislocation

Reasons: 1. Misalignment when the work piece is assembled

2. Improper die support

3. Side wall bent

4. Poorly designed edge

5. The workpiece error is too large

1. Redesign the positioning structure of plastic products

2. If possible, design fixtures to correct

Redesign the proper supporting die

3. Improve the rigidity of the workpiece

4. Redesign the energy-gathering edge

5. Ensure the consistency of the shape and size of the workpiece

Phenomenon: insufficient welding

Reasons: 1. Too little energy input to the workpiece

2. Poor welding performance of workpiece material

3. Ultrasonic welding machine power is too small

1. Increase workpiece pressure

2. Extend welding time

3. Replace with a larger multiple horn

4. Use a higher power welding machine

Switch to materials with good welding performance

Phenomenon: internal parts are damaged during welding

Reasons: 1. Too much amplitude

2. Welding time is too long

3. The combination of internal parts is too close to the joint surface

1. Increase amplitude or pressure to reduce welding time

2. Adjust the buffer speed

3. Make proper combination of internal parts

4. Move the internal parts to avoid the energy concentration area or change the pressing place

5. Add soft glue to the damaged position to isolate the ultrasound

6. Avoid the upper mold corresponding to the damaged position

Phenomenon: internal parts fusion

Reason: the internal parts are the same material as the shell

Solution: The internal parts and the shell are made of two materials that are difficult to dissolve.

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