Experimental grade sonochemical equipment

Experimental grade sonochemical equipment

As a physical means and tool, ultrasonic technology can produce a series of near extreme conditions in the medium of chemical reactions. This energy can not only excite or promote many chemical reactions, accelerate the speed of chemical reactions, but even change some chemistry The direction of the reaction produces some unexpected effects and miracles. This is sonochemistry.



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Experimental grade sonochemical equipment

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Typical applications include homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, depolymerization, and wet milling (reduced particle size), cell disruption and disintegration, extraction, degassing, and sonochemical processes;

The newly designed display can easily observe the actual working frequency and perform power / amplitude adjustment;

Automatic frequency tracking ensures good working conditions at all times.


Ultrasonic dispersion,The use of emulsifiers is not required, and in many cases, the diameter of the dispersed particles can be less than 1 μm. It can be carried out in one phase of solid, liquid, and gas in the same substance, or in different solids, liquids, and gases. It has been widely used in food sample detection and analysis, and preparation of nanomaterials.


Ultrasonic emulsification,It refers to the process of mixing two (or more than two) immiscible liquids to form a dispersion system under the action of ultrasonic energy. One liquid is evenly distributed in the other liquid to form an emulsion. It is also possible to prepare an emulsion that cannot be obtained at all by ordinary methods. For example, an ordinary emulsion can only obtain an emulsion of 5% paraffin in water, and in a sound field, an emulsion of 20% can be obtained. Fuel is mixed with water to emulsify and burn.




Equipment model YPS17B-HB YPS15B-HB YPS11B-HB
power 1000W 500W 500W
frequency 20KHZ 28KHz 40KHz
Amplitude / power adjustable range 50%-100%
Throughput 0.5-5L 0.2-2L 0.2-2L
Launch head effective immersion depth 80 150 80
Standard launch head diameter Φ 16mm Φ 14mm Φ8mm
The standard configuration Ultrasonic host + NC drive power + experimental stand
Optional Soundproof box + alarm output + remote control + corrosion-resistant TIP

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